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"From vast sad looped choirs to creamy lopsided r'n'b croons [...] the response from the spellbound crowd is simply, wow"

Nightshift Magazine



"They’ve taken their hands off the tiller and are just letting this thing glide off to wherever it chooses. There’s something highly enviable about this approach." 


Jon Buckland, Echoes and Dust

“Isn’t that gorgeous…”  

Tom Ravenscroft, BBC Radio 6

"Deliciously decayed eldritch chamber-pop"


"Bleach' is brutal and heartfelt, showing why the most alien sounds are often the most affecting"

Norman Records

"Theirs is a world of hidden machine music, amplified by homemade pick-ups, shining 16-bit  threads of melody and zen-like process music, mingling performance and playfulness.

Very much our sort of thing."

The Skinny


From vast sad looped choirs to

creamy r’n'b croons, Hyperdawn hones its own

off-kilter sound with sprawling reel-to-reel tape loops, modified keyboards and vocals. Informed as much by the temperamental machines as the duo itself, this is raw, haptic pop music held

together with sellotape.


The Manchester based duo has performed across the UK, EU and North America in venues such as New York's National Sawdust, Montreal's Casa Del Popolo, Berlin’s Rotor Salon and London’s SET as well as local UK spots The White Hotel, Village Underground, SET, Soup Kitchen, Gorilla and YES. Hyperdawn was recently invited to do a guest show as part of the BBC 6 Freak Zone, and has had regular airtime on NTS Radio, Noods Radio, BBC 6 Music

and BBC Radio 3, Berlin Community Radio,

Resonance FM, Melodic Distraction, 

Reform Radio to name a few. 


Their debut album Bleach was released

on Them There Records in 2019.

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